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Novaturient: To desire or seek a powerful change in one’s life, situation, or behaviours.


Novaturient Pilates is a facility of highly qualified health and fitness professionals, who have combined their passion for holistically training the body with their love for Pilates and functional fitness.

We are a modern studio with a modern and unique take on training and health. It is our mission as a studio and as instructors to encourage you, creating an environment to facilitate positive changes in your mind as well as your body. 

We value your well-being and always focus on health above aesthetic, our objective is to use our extensive knowledge of the anatomy and body mechanics to educate you and improve your body awareness, connecting you to the process so you can create sustainable changes to your body, health and life.

Let’s go from strength to strength together!


Manage health conditions, recover from previous injuries
and prevent new ones from occurring.


Improve your overall health and fitness, lose weight, tone, build strength and endurance and create sustainable changes.


Be active at your leisure. Get back to doing activities that you love or improve your current performance.

What We Offer

Pay for the month and workout as much as you like.
Our Unlimited Group Class Package gives our clients flexibility, tons of variety and convenience to train on days and at times that suit them.
Classes are kept small (10 -12 per class) to keep quality and control. It allows your instructor to provide more individual attention to you in a group setting. No matter your fitness level we pride ourselves on the ability to modify exercises to suit you as an individual, so you can learn, grow stronger and reach your goals without risk of discouragement or injury.

One-on-one sessions in the form of a Private, Duo or Trio lesson, customised by your highly qualified instructor to align with your personal needs and goals. Ranging from rehabilitation and beginners to very specific health and fitness goals

We offer three different assessments for you to choose from: 

The Body Assessment – smart scale weigh-in, measurements and before and after photos. This is a good assessment to help you track the physical changes in your body. A nice starting point in your health and fitness journey.
The Orientation – An hour “one on one” session, where we do a postural and fitness level assessment. We introduce you to the foundational, building blocks of Pilates, in order to prepare and integrate you into your personalised training program or a group environment.
Holistic Orientation – Is a combination of both the Body Assessment and Orientation to give you a full well rounded understanding of your body, what training program will give you the best results and what your goals are.

Pilates is for every body and everybody’s body!
During your lifetime, your body undergoes tremendous changes from childhood, for most women through pregnancy and of course as we all age, Pilates is a form of fitness that can benefit specialized populations, including;
Seniors – Doing Pilates as a senior will help you to both maintain and improve your balance, strength, flexibility, focus, and your breath. Pilates is gentle enough to be right for you at any age.
Pre and Post-natal – These classes help you throughout your trimesters to maintain and improved your posture and core stability. Increase your muscular strength and flexibility as well as improved balance and prevention of injuries. Recover with postpartum classes that focus on your rehabilitation and gently easing you back into your training program.
Kids – Our fun 45 minute Kiddies Pilates Program is designed to engage children with interactive play combined with classic Pilates exercises and stretches.

Drop in and take a group class on us.

Or Whatsapp us on +27 (0)82 491 5666 with your details. 

  • Unlimited Classes R800
  • Drop-in rate R170
  • Kiddies unlimited R550
  • Pensioner Discount 10%

Pre & Post Natal

  • Unlimited Classes R670

    Includes mat & online classes

  • Private R370
  • Duo R490
  • Trio R600
  • Quad R752
  • Quintet R900
  • Pvt Group Rates On request
  • Corporate Rates On request
  • Body Assessment R180
  • Orientation R300
  • Holistic Orientation R380

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Our location

Savannah Office Park, First Floor - Cactus Block, 844 Rugby street, Weltevredenpark, Roodepoort, Johannesburg

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: 6am – 7pm
Friday: 6am – 12pm
Saturday  & public holidays: 8am-10am
Sunday: Closed