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Mat group classes

duo yoga classes

Lets step on the mat!

Our Mat Classes are an hour of pure energetic exercise and stretching, making use of the floor space and mats. The Mat Group Classes that we offer include: Pilates, Yoga, Barre, PHITT (Pilates High Intensity Training), HIIT, TRX, and many more! We provide the small auxiliary pieces of equipment that you will need to get the most out of the Mat Classes. These include: ballet barres, stability balls, small Pilates balls, gym sticks, foam rollers, fitness circles, light handheld weights, dumbbells, kettle bells, yoga blocks, Therabands, TRX, and Bosus.

Online group classes

“hands on” training as you would if you were in studio with us.

Dual Mat: Online Classes, unlimited, and convenient. We have structured the online training programme to run simultaneously with our unlimited Group Mat Classes. Bookings work exactly the same way as you would book for an in-studio class. This means that there’s a daily class timetable for bookings. Links for the relevant classes are sent out on the bookings group and via email. All you have to do is to log in and experience the same tailor made, “hands on” training as you would if you were in studio with us. In the Online Class, your instructor will demonstrate the movements or exercises while also verbally cuing you for the next move. As you follow along and do the moves, we’ll provide you with that essential professional feedback; giving corrections, adjustments, or modifications as needed. The Live Online Classes help to keep you committed and motivated through having an instructor present to correct your movements and give personalize tips on how to improve your posture and form. We’ll also help you develop greater body awareness, ultimately giving you better results, and enabling you to reach your body goals faster than ever before! How To Sign Up for Online Classes: Once we have gotten money matters out of the way in the form of your subscription, here is the easy process that you can follow to get yourself ready to vibe and thrive with our Online Classes: As we operate through Zoom, we will first ask you to download this free online video conferencing platform. You can sign up and download Zoom with the following link: (YouTube Video Of Kyle being a model available) Create your Zoom login and tell us what email address you used. We’ll take over from there. Then, 10-15 minutes before your class, login to your email and you’ll find a friendly Zoom link waiting in your inbox. Follow this link. Join the meeting where your Novaturient Pilates instructor will be joining you on live video. You enjoy the class!

Specialized group classes

duo yoga classes

A great way to squeeze a full body workout into just an hour of your day!

Our Specialised Classes provide a unique take on health and fitness. From Low Impact to High Intensity, Cardio through to Full Body Conditioning; our Specialised Group Classes have it all! You can think of these sessions as fitness fun, and a great way to squeeze a full body workout into just an hour of your day! These classes currently include: Aerial Yoga (Come hang with us* Click through to simple page on the topic. The have a Back To services button) BungeeFit (Enjoy the bounce feel the burn.) Pilates Wheels (Reformer alternative) Pound-fit (Drum stick, Rock out While you Work out.) Rebounder