Pilates instructor
5 year
Nicole is our resident squirrels. She is definitely a gatherer and not a hunter! But there is good reason behind her madness. She anticipates her clients’ needs, hogging just about all the equipment, to make sure she is ready to modify or progress the exercises, making every program feel 100% tailor made for her clients. Nicole is a very animated trainer, thus softening the burn with a bit of laughter. Although, her deep understanding of the muscular system is no joke… This actually allows her to creatively think out of the box and on the spot, to help fire into muscles you never even knew existed. Her verbal diarrhoea spills over in her cueing! This is not a bad thing… it gives her clients a deeper understanding of their own anatomy and body awareness. Nicole is a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor, specialising in an array of group fitness activities. She loves her some good nutritious meals, a health cocktail queen (booze applicable on weekends only!), can often be heard dishing out nutritional advise, as she is qualified in the essentials of nutrition and sport nutrition. @nicole.eyre is the perfect trainer for anyone who bores easily at the gym and is looking for a dedicated trainer, who inspires them to reach their fitness goals.