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Pilates instructor
6 year
Monique is a true mother hen, if you are ever fortunate enough to meet her, you will instantly pick up on her true caring nature, whether she is just checking up on if you are sufficiently hydrated during your class or if you are lucky enough, you will get to experience a holistic massage… after she has broken you in your class and only if you deserve it! She may be very caring and gentle, but she is definitely not a silent killer! I am not often not sure who is louder, Monique excitedly cuing the clients to engage deeper or the clients who are dying on their mats. Monique like a drill sergeant going into combat is always completely prepared for her mission or should we say classes, with her programs always meticulously planned out, however her extensive knowledge of Pilates and the anatomy as a Basi comprehensively qualified instructor with 6 years work experience, gives her the ability to think on her feet and improvise when necessary. She has a take no prisoners approach to Pilates. She’s not mean… but she works the body hard, expecting correct movement, alignment and muscle connection. @monique_havenga is the prefect Novaturient Pilates instructor for any client of any age, whether you are able bodied and looking to lose weight and tone or someone looking for a rehabilitative environment to fix imbalances or injuries.