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Pilates Practice For All

 From the moment you first enter our facility in need of rehabilitation or looking for a drastic improvement to your health and lifestyle, all the way through to providing you with cross training and extra-curricular fitness activities, we are there for you.

Unlimited group classes

Train as much as you like, whenever it suits you. Our Unlimited Group Class Package gives our clients flexibility and tons of variety, as well as the convenience to train on days and at times that suit them.
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Specialized population

Pilates is truly a form of fitness that is great for all bodies. Whether you are already physically active, looking to start a new fitness regime, or have special limitations, Pilates is an effective, challenging and fun form of fitness.
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Specialised individual classes

Our Specialised Group Classes provide a unique take on health and fitness. Whether you're looking for low-impact workouts, intense full body workouts, or a combination of both, we have it all.
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body assessments

Our scale is the perfect way to track your journey with and great addition to this package deal. Revolutionary technology paired with ease of use makes for an amazing addition to any workout routine.
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