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Pre & Post Natal

Pre-Natal Pilates
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Introduction to the class

The main focus in our prenatal classes is the strengthening of the pelvic floor, to help the hammock of muscles that sit under the pelvis to support your bladder and bowel and reduce the risk of incontinence that could develop during or after your pregnancy. We strengthen the pelvic floor in conjunction with the deep abdominal muscles, these help counter the laxity hormone released during pregnancy, called relaxin.  Relaxin causes the ligaments that connect your bones to become more flexible, making you more prone to pelvic pain and lower back pain.

Exercise during pregnancy will help reduce back pain and strain as you navigate through your daily routine, exercise helps you to maintain a healthy weight, improves balance and helps to give you better awareness of your posture, which tends to change as your baby grows. It helps you to control your breathing which is beneficial for labour and helps to reduce stiffness in your upper back which develops as your belly grows, it can restrict deep breaths, as well as it gives you time for yourself to relax.

Exercise during pregnancy will also speed up recovery post-partum.

We structure classes in such a way as to help you through each stage of pregnancy and to both prepare you for both the birth and post- natal recovery thereafter giving you and your baby a strong start and long-term health.

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