Novaturient is unique! 

We love to put a functional spin on the classical repertoire of Pilates.  We are very much focused on educating our clients on proper body awareness and how to mindfully connect to their bodies. We use Pilates as a cross training tool to make people more functional in their recreational sports, hobbies and life in general.

Our vision is to create powerful change in the lives of our client’s through movement and to create an inspiring and positive environment where those mental and physical changes can develop.

Our mission as movement specialists is to connect the mind to the body in order to manifest positive and healthy changes.  Through Pilates, fitness, nutrition, our mission is to bring forth positive and healthy changes in our community and in turn bringing people together

We recognised that there is a great need for a good quality health and wellness facility, offering a unique take on health and fitness.  A need for a more personal, inspiring and relaxing environment where the focus is the client and their overall wellbeing. 

A safe training facility where clients of any population and with any form of physical restrictions and pathologies can come to get fit or to re-educate and rehabilitate their bodies to more functional beings.

We are very professional, but we are still empathetic to our clients and do everything with great passion, love and respect.

Love and Light
Monique & Nicole