Times Change, we have to change with them … A new adventure into the world of Online training


It’s Mid March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has the rest of the world reeling in chaos and shut away in their homes under a complete lockdown. Rumours are spiralling out of control through our communities and over social media, is South Africa soon to face the same fate, with the schools having already been closed from the 18th March 2020.

We (myself and Monique) stand in the Novaturient Pilates Studio, shaken, uncertain of how to react to such a situation, as is everyone else in SA. Having opened our studio in September 2019, we have only been trading for approximately six months. What stared off as a dream come true; a studio that we had both dreamt of from the very beginning of our careers, a safe space where people of all ages, genders and body types could come and transform themselves through pilates and exercise with our holistic approach to training, suddenly starts to feel like an overwhelming nightmare, as the fear of losing our small business because an unsettling probability.

We discussed our worst fears; How will we trade if we cannot train? What will happen to our clients? As a community whose love for exercise, self-improvement and love for people, how will we cope cooped up at home? Our bodies will come undone, our mental health will become fragile, our need for human connection will be starved. Our clients and families are throwing the question at us, “What are you going to do?” Do we stress that this could be the end for our small business? Yes.

No! We refuse! We will not succumb to this hysteria and allow it to devastate our lives, health and happiness of our community. We research and dig, we explore our options and within the week have found our solution with online training. We sent out emails to all our clients, informing them that we would like to continue to accommodate all of our customer’s needs and their training will continue as normal, but from the comfort and safety of their homes, with links to the online forum and an optional assortment of at home training kits, which consisted of items such as light weights, TheraBand’s, Mats, Stability balls etc, all things easy to store and use around the house.

At first it seemed a bit awkward, there were a few kinks and technical difficulties with signing in and logging on within the few classes, but shortly after it was smooth training. Classes and Private lessons have been able to continue as usual with happy clients as seen below.

Schalk Mellet
“ I think most clients exercise more often than they would at the studio, as with me. Easier to just login remotely!
Your work is amazing and always with passion!
Keep it up and well keep supporting you!
Thanks again”

Sheree Porter
“ We appreciate you girls!!  💛 🤗 😘 😍  Thanks for keeping us going”

Angela Tyson
“ Really enjoying the online classes, it is working well! Thank you ladies for keeping us going and for your awesome creative classes!  💜

Jessica Saieva
“ You ladies are just the best X”

Susan Meyer
“ So grateful for these classes! Feel it helps keep me sane during this time!!!  ❤❤❤ ️”

Karin Erasmus
“ So the whole way through this lockdown, I have not had to give up my exercise routine and that is all thanks to the instructors at Novaturient pilates. They have gone the extra mile to make this online pilates possible and interesting. This evening we did a routine in the bedroom on our beds..awesome awesome ..a real cardio workout. We have already done a class in the kitchen ,in the lounge, a chair class and tomorrow it is out in the garden. Thanks to these amazing girls for making this all possible. You are AMAZING  💜

Why we Opted for Online training as opposed to pre-recorded video classes.

We had done our research and played around with a few options such as WhatsApp video calls, live classes via social media and pre-recorded videos etc.

We decided that it was important for our clients to continue with their daily routines to the best of their abilities. Working from home, taking care of the kids and all the household chores, where before there was usually assistance, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, tired, sore and de-motivated. We felt with the pre-recorded classes it would become all too easy to put it off. “I’m too busy with work and the kids, I’ll do it tomorrow.”, “I am too tired from cleaning the house and mowing the lawn, I’ll do it on Thursday.” Sound familiar?

We know this is a stressful time for everyone, and so much more because of all the added responsibilities. Maintaining a healthy routine would be crucial for our clients and their families to make it through this lockdown with both a sound body and mind.

We have structured the online training the same as we would a normal day at the studio. We have a class timetable for which we take bookings every day. Links are sent out via email every night for the next days classes and private clients. At the designated time slot our client’s login and get to experience the same tailor made, “hands on” training they would in studio with us. The clients follow along to the class with the instructor (myself or Monique) demonstrating the movements or exercises whilst also verbal cuing, knowing that they are still under the watch of our keen eyes, and will receive feedback where we give clients corrections, adjustments or modifications as needed. Unlike in pre-recorded classes.

The Live online classes help to keep you committed and motivated. The benefits of having an instructor present will be correct movement, improved posture and form, and greater body awareness, ultimately giving you better results, and enabling you to reach your body goals faster.

How to set up for online classes.

Once you have signed up and paid your monthly subscription;

  1. We request that all clients (should you not already have it) download zoom. This is a free online video conferencing platform that many online studios currently make use of.

Sign up with the following link


  1. You create a login. And inform us of the email address used.
  2. 10-15 mins before your class, you login to your email and find a Zoom link waiting in your inbox.
  3. You follow the Zoom link.
  4. The link takes you into the meeting where your Novaturient Pilates instructor will be joining you on live video.
  5. You enjoy the class!!!

We also offer additional pre-recorded classes on our YouTube Channel

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